MASTERS régulations



The scoring of the points awarded to the drivers at the finish of each moto is the same as Grand Prix.

The overall classification of each MX1 and MX2 category will be done by adding the points obtained in both moto.

The ranking of the superfinal will be done in the order of arrival.



The first 15 of MX1 and MX2 categories will be selected to participate in the superfinal.

The motoclub reserves the right to select 4 deserving riders; the race will bring together a maximum of 34 drivers.

Grid re-entry order: 15 MX2, 15 MX1, in the order of the overall classification, and motoclub choice.



It will take place just after arrival of the superfinal.

The first 3 of the general classification of each category will participate in the awards on the podium.

The first in the MX2 class and the first in the MX1 class of the superfinal will receive the respective trophies of Prince and King.


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